Look, I think that it is so awesome that more and more people nowadays are considering going vegan.

However, it’s also unfortunate that I tend to see a lot of people not staying vegan.

That’s why I’ve made a list of the top 5  common mistakes that I tend to see when people try to go vegan. And I’m going to offer my solutions to those problems.

1. You’re doing it because it’s “Cool or Trendy”

Yes, veganism is trendy and I think that is awesome for the movement and helps it get more exposure for the vegan diet.

But is it really going to stick, if you’re just doing it because someone you admire is doing it as well?

There are plenty of valid reasons to go vegan. All of which include going vegan for your health, the planet and for the animals.

So, I encourage you to find one of those reasons that resonates with you the most.

And to really dive in and educate yourself on the topic. Not only will that help you to feel more motivated and secure in your decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

But once you’re educated, it will help other people around you to understand why exactly you’re doing it as well.

There are plenty of educational documentaries that you can watch.

Some of which include Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives and What the Health.

2. You’re not eating enough = Tired a lot

You want to make sure you’re eating enough food.

When you come from a standard American diet or a diet that is heavier in animal products including meat and dairy, it can be hard to realize that plants are not as calorically dense as animal products.

Because of that, you have to eat more of in order to feel satiated.

I encourage everyone to always listen to their hunger cues.

Try to eat more calorically dense foods, like beans and grains and healthy fats like avocados and nut butters. Don’t start by filling up on veggies like lettuce or zucchini because those practically have no calories in them at all.

Also, another reason why you may be feeling tired is that you are deficient in B12.

B12 is an essential nutrient for us and a lot of people tend to feel sluggish or lethargic when they don’t have enough in their bodies.

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan you should be supplementing B12. Even people who eat meat can be a deficient in B12.

So, even if you’re coming from a lifestyle where you ate animal products and you are switching to a vegan lifestyle, you may still be deficient in B12.

3. You’re not eating REAL whole plant-based foods

You must focus on eating whole plant foods.

When you’re vegan, you obviously have a wide variety of products that you can eat.

There are some that are more processed than others.

And there are some that are very minimally processed. As a vegan you should to eat as close to the whole plant food as possible.

There are so many different fruits and vegetables out there that you could probably experiment your whole life and practically eat something new every day and still have it be vegan.

Another thing I want to stress is to make sure you’re eating lots of greens.

I personally think that you can never eat enough leafy green or green vegetables because they are so nutrient dense and so good for you.

Once I started including more greens in my diet my skin got so much better.

I felt like I had so much more energy and I think it’s something that’s often overlooked.

One thing I should mention is that when your body switches from a diet that is less healthy to a diet that is healthier for your body, it has to get rid of the bad things that are inside of it before it can start to experience the good and this generally happens with a vegan diet.

So maybe in the first week or so of you going vegan, you might notice that you feel more bloated or gassy or you have more acne on your face, but it’s really your body just getting used to eating more plant fiber and expelling all the other toxins that it already had inside of it.

If you don’t feel your best or you have a headache and you’re just starting out on the vegan diet, I would really suggest that you drink lots and lots of water and focus on whole plant foods.

And if you truly are not feeling your best and you don’t feel right, please go seek a qualified health professional who will be able to help you and diagnose you in a much better way.

4. You switched overnight

Some people can watch a documentary and decide to go vegan overnight.

But for others, it can be a lot harder for them to transition into a vegan lifestyle.

And that doesn’t mean that one person is better than the other in any way shape or form. But the best approach is to take your time and slowly transition into a vegan lifestyle if that’s what you need.

I would much rather have someone eliminate animal products from their life slowly over the course of a few months and slowly transition into vegan lifestyle than have someone immediately go vegan overnight.

Then fall off the bandwagon within one to two weeks because they missed a certain cheese on that note.

There are a wide variety of vegan alternatives to pretty much any animal product out there on the market.

So, if you feel like you need these products to help you transition into a vegan lifestyle, I say go for it and experiment with them.

But I would also say don’t feel like you have to purchase them in order to be a vegan.

It can be really easy to get caught up in all of these fancy vegan cheeses, vegan meats or vegan snacks. But do realize that they are more expensive and sometimes they’re not exactly the healthiest option for you.

But you know life is meant to be lived. If you want vegan ice cream, go ahead and buy some bean ice cream.

Also, I just want to quickly mention that there are a lot of different sectors of the vegan diet which may include certain macronutrient ratios or whether your food should be cooked or raw.

So, don’t feel pressured to join any movements or eat a certain way if you really don’t think that’s going to align with your lifestyle and what you personally enjoy.

5. You’re going at it alone

Sometimes you might feel alone and the solution is to simply create your own community.

Some person’s families are really supportive when they decide to go vegan and some person’s are not.

I understand that when you’re doing something and everyone in your everyday life seems to be judging you for it, it can feel isolating and you may not feel truly yourself.

However, I want you to know that you are never alone. It can be easy to interact with and find other vegans in your area physically or join a Facebook or Instagram group.

There are people who are going to build you up and help you along this journey.

So in terms of creating your online community, I highly suggest you either make an Instagram account and just start posting your vegan meals or start commenting and interacting with other vegans.

Tons of people are out there who love talking about vegan food just as much as you do.

Just take it slow and let your body adapt to a vegan diet.

🌿Plant Eater & Yogi